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Amazon’s 750,000 Robots: AI Unleashed

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Watch this video to see how Amazon’s robot team is expanding in this detailed look at their technological revolution.

Amazon has more than 750,000 robots working for its artificial intelligence ambitions.
A decade ago, human-like robots in Amazon’s warehouses were a dream. Today, they test advanced machines like “Digit” for repetitive tasks.

This isn’t just about efficiency. It’s changing how humans work with machines.

Video Credit: AI Tech Toolbox

Growth of Amazon’s robotic army:

2013: 1k robots
2014: 15k
2017: 100k
2019: 200k
2021: 350k
2022: 520k
2023: 750k robots

✔ Last two years = added 400,000 bots. Thousands show up every week.

With that kind of rapid expansion comes a transformation of the workforce — requiring higher-skilled jobs and redefining safety measures along the way.

We’re entering an era where artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and computer vision are merging to change the landscape of labor as we know it … The challenge now is preparing workers with reskilling and upskilling opportunities.

Amazon is leading us into the Era of Robotics and Age of Intelligence.