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Baidu Introduces New AI Tools for Easy App Development

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Baidu, a Chinese search engine, has launched new tools to help people make artificial intelligence (AI) applications easily. The CEO, Robin Li, spoke at Baidu’s AI developers conference about the vast internet user base and strong AI foundations in China.

These tools let anyone, even without coding skills, create AI-powered chatbots for specific tasks. These chatbots can be used on websites, Baidu search, and other online platforms. Unlike similar tools from OpenAI, Baidu’s tools allow for custom chatbots outside of their ChatGPT interface.

The basic Baidu tools are free to try with certain limits, similar to Google’s offerings. Baidu also introduced three new versions of its Ernie AI model for different tasks.

Many showcased uses focused on consumer applications like tourism and content creation. Businesses demonstrated integrating AI tools into livestreams and shopping guides. Buysmart.AI, a startup, uses Baidu’s tech for an online shopping assistant and interactive e-commerce app.

Baidu’s AI models are also used in robotics and coding assistance. The company aims to expand AI usage in customer service and specialized fields like law and medicine.

Baidu emphasized the importance of a diverse AI ecosystem and highlighted its progress in AI-generated code. Despite global demand for AI development, there are challenges like semiconductor shortages, particularly for Chinese companies due to U.S. restrictions.

Baidu is prepared with its AI chip reserve and aims to continue improving its AI models like Ernie.

Source: CNBC