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Consumers See Potential for AI in Movie and Show Creation

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A new survey suggests that some people believe artificial intelligence (AI) could create more interesting TV shows and movies than human creators. This finding has raised concerns in Hollywood about potential job loss due to AI technology.

The survey, conducted by Deloitte, found that while 70% of U.S. consumers prefer content written by humans, 22% believe AI could produce more captivating shows and movies. Millennials and Gen Z consumers showed the highest confidence in AI, with 30% and 25% respectively supporting its potential.

Consumers See Potential for AI in Movie and Show Creation

Advocates for AI argue that it can democratize content creation and enhance visual effects while reducing costs. Younger generations are already embracing AI tools, with 18% of Gen Z and millennials using AI to create images, and 25% using it for text generation.

However, AI’s impact on the entertainment industry is not without controversy. Tyler Perry halted an $800 million studio expansion due to concerns about AI-generated content. Additionally, a poll revealed that most adults couldn’t distinguish between AI-generated and human-created videos.

Netflix and Hollywood unions are also grappling with AI’s implications. The Writers Guild of America negotiated safeguards against the use of AI in creative processes, while SAG-AFTRA reached agreements with studios on AI-related issues.

At the Variety Entertainment Summit, concerns were raised about AI-generated human replicas that could blur the lines between reality and virtuality. Hanno Basse, CTO of Digital Domain, emphasized the need for responsible AI usage.

Overall, while AI holds promise for entertainment, its integration raises complex questions about creativity, ethics, and societal impact.

Source: Variety