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Reddit & OpenAI Collaborate: AI Training with Reddit Posts

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OpenAI collaborated with Reddit to allow OpenAI to have access to real-time Reddit content through the Reddit data API. Therefore, discussions from this platform could be used on ChatGPT and other new OpenAI products. There is what seems like a $60 million deal that Google had made with Reddit earlier.

OpenAI’s big language models will be available for use to build new features by Reddit users and moderators The deal also involves advertising on the part of OpenAI via reddit.

Reddit users had previously been very vocal about how their administrators handle the site. There is no indication of how they will react to this contract that was in place. Over 7,000 parts of Reddit went offline in June 2023 after users didn’t like changes Reddit made to its API pricing. When OpenAI recently partnered with Stack Overflow a programming board, some members were chastised for trying to remove their posts.

Neither company mentioned any money details regarding the transactional terms in their blog post regarding it nor did any of them talk about training data. This differs from another agreement that were reached between Google and Reddit where they said that it would enable Google better train models. However, it was mentioned that Sam Altman who is the CEO of OpenAI owns shares in Reddit. The COO representing OpenAI led the negotiation which has been approved by an autonomous Board of Directors.

According to Steve Huffman the CEO of reddit “Reddit is a huge collection of real time constantly updated conversations about everything online.” It makes people find things faster, promotes greater bonding among strangers on social media platforms and therefore we added it into ChatGPT”.

Sometimes, however, Reddit has not allowed companies from using its information as training data for AI models; thus claiming that this might apply even when dealing with Google itself. Additionally, r/ChatGPT subreddit moderators were warned by OpenAI not to use ChatGPT logo as an avatar because it violated copyright law according to OpenAI.

Source: theverge