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Elon Musk Critiques Google AI, Reveals Grok V1.5

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Elon Musk, who is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla among other companies, recently caused some uproar when he publicly criticized Google’s AI. In particular, he took shots at theirs called Gemini which generates images with artificial intelligence through a number of tweets. He claimed that they had put “crazy racist anti civilization programming” inside their AI models or something like that. On top of this criticism though he also came after google for what he thinks is bias towards censorship on their search engine too.

Grok V1.5

The statements of the tech tycoon have set off conversations about ethical AI creation and the possible prejudices embedded in AI systems. Despite conflicting opinions about what Musk said, there is no doubt that it has made people pay more attention to Google’s artificial intelligence programs especially when the company is going through a rough patch.

Musk took a surprising approach by also promoting his own AI project, Grok. He capitalized on the publicity generated from his attack on Google’s AI to advertise for his own artificial intelligence endeavours with an announcement of Grok V1.5 being released soon.

In general, Elon Musk’s public derision of Google’s AI followed by introducing Grok V1.5 reflects ongoing disputes over ethics and clarity during development as well as competitive forces within this industry.