You are currently viewing Google AI’s Dangerous Advice: Glue on Pizza, Eat Rocks, More

Google AI’s Dangerous Advice: Glue on Pizza, Eat Rocks, More

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According to Google’s new AI search, there are some very strange and dangerous advice on social media. Nevertheless, the company insists that this tool provides “high quality” results.

Reports have been made about Google’s new AI search giving out some really weird and unsafe suggestions. It is said to have told people to eat rocks, put glue on pizza or clean washing machines with chlorine gas.

For instance, when someone typed in “I’m feeling depressed,” the AI came back with one of its worst examples yet: it suggested jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

This experimental tool known as “AI Overviews” summarizes search results by looking at the web. It uses Gemini AI model and has now been released for use by some users in America before its global availability later this year was announced by Google during its I/O developer conference held on May 14th. However many individuals are unhappy because they feel like there have been serious mistakes made including articles from The Onion- a joke website and funny Reddit posts being used as sources.

One example was where it said ‘You can also add about ⅛ cup of non-toxic glue to the sauce to give it more tackiness’ in response to a question about pizza. This had originated from an old joke comment on Reddit.

Source: livescience