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From Bard to Gemini: Google’s Latest AI Transformation

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Last Thursday, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced a major change in Google’s AI landscape. Formerly called Google Bard, it’s now christened as Google Gemini – a move that represents an important milestone for the company on its path of advancing artificial intelligence (AI) to new limits. So let’s dive deep into this transformation and what it means for people like you!

Birth of Gemini:

Towards the end of last year, Sundar Pichai revealed that they had created Gemini – which he claimed was their most powerful AI model/ system ever built. Not only serving as an AI model but also an ecosystem with everything used by billions each day – these could be apps; interfaces; platforms for developers and businesses among others.

Bringing together AI offerings:

However this does NOT imply that before this consolidation Bard or Gemini were offered separately until now; going forward all such products will come under one name – Gemini. This move simplifies things for users while bringing together different features sets within AI under one powerful brand.

Gemini’s Reach extended:

But wait, there’s more: besides getting a new name, gemini has also expanded its scope into google workspace. While delivering his recent I/O 2022 keynote wherein developers from around the world gather annually , sundar pichai referred to it as Duet AI for Workspace then later rebranded as Gemini for Workspace ; similarly there is another change happening soon enough: Duet AI for Cloud will become known as “Gemini” over coming weeks.

Accessibility & Platforms:

Web accessibility (40 languages) has been increased to make gemini more approachable . Also on androids within iOS google search app new gemini app was launched by google which is free and can give access into basic gemini powered by advanced Pro 1.0 ai model now easily get gemini advanced .


So then – far beyond just renaming bards into gemini’s – this move shows how much effort google is putting into making sure that many people can use and understand artificial intelligence. In addition to that, gemini has been extended across various products plus simplified offering structures together with integration within everyday apps thus promising to be a catalytic player for future of AI. So whether you’re a developer owner or user; business person or casual surfer: it’s clear that this new era heralded by google’s gemini marks yet another revolution in power versatility inclusiveness where anyone can easily get involved with AI!