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Google Cloud Unveils New Healthcare AI Tools at HIMSS24

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Google Cloud revealed new artificial intelligence (AI) features at the HIMSS conference in Orlando, aimed at aiding healthcare providers, payers, and other organizations in better utilizing their clinical data.

The main announcement was the introduction of Vertex AI Search for Healthcare, a search function powered by generative AI. This tool helps clinicians swiftly navigate through patient data and clinical notes, which can be a time-consuming task. Aashima Gupta, Google Cloud’s global director for healthcare strategy and solutions, emphasized the aim to provide clinicians with a user-friendly experience akin to using for web searches.

Google Cloud Releases New Clinical Generative AI Tools at HIMSS24

Vertex AI Search for Healthcare is offered as an API, allowing users to tailor settings to suit their Electronic Health Record (EHR) workflows. Gupta highlighted the tool’s credibility by including footnotes that link back to specific data points in the search results.

Additionally, Google Cloud announced enhancements to its healthcare-specific large language model (LLM), MedLM. These include an API for classifying chest x-rays and another for providing clinicians with a chronological list of a patient’s conditions, each summarized by AI-generated briefings.

The MedLM model is undergoing testing with Google Cloud customers like Highmark Health, Mayo Clinic, and HCA Healthcare. Gupta highlighted nurse handoffs as a significant application, noting the time saved by MedLM in automatically generating patient briefings and referencing specific EHR data points used in the summaries.

Source: Medcitynews