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LinkedIn Unveils New AI Tools for Job Seekers and Businesses

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LinkedIn has launched several AI tools to improve the experience for job seekers, recruiters, sales teams, and other business users.

These updates, shared at a recent event, are part of LinkedIn’s strategy to include AI in more of its products. The AI features offer more personalized insights and customization options, but they also come with some challenges.

AI Updates for LinkedIn Premium

One key update is the AI-powered Premium experience, now available to all Premium subscribers. This tool provides personalized insights and recommendations based on user profiles and activities. It helps users create their Headline and About sections by analyzing their existing profile content, highlighting skills, education, and experience. For messaging, it suggests personalized drafts for reaching out to recruiters, connections, and potential customers.

Prashanthi Padmanabhan, LinkedIn’s vice president of engineering, explained that the AI drafts messages to feel personal, not robotic. The AI model is trained on data from profiles that attract many recruiter clicks. The tool also uses feedback from recruiters and users but does not include private message data.

Some users, like Taylor, a job seeker in tech, find the AI suggestions helpful but sometimes too generic. Taylor prefers to use the AI as a starting point rather than a final product.

LinkedIn is also adding “AI-powered insights” to posts for Premium users, offering prompts and follow-up questions. For job posts, AI helps find roles that match users’ preferences and suggests skill development tips, drafts cover letters, and recommends resume improvements.

Updates for LinkedIn Business Users and Recruiters

For business users, LinkedIn announced updates, including new features for small and medium-sized businesses and enhanced AI tools for recruiters. Small businesses can now create Premium Company Pages with customizable elements and insights into on-page engagement. A new Custom Button feature lets business owners add personalized call-to-action buttons to their profiles, posts, and messages.

Recruiters benefit from enhanced search capabilities, with AI recommending additional skills to target and expanding search parameters. The AI tool also shows the gender balance of candidate results and suggests locations and companies that could improve gender diversity in hiring.

AI Features for LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning will soon have AI updates, including personalized skill development coaching. Users can interact with a chatbot that recommends courses and strategies based on their current role, career goals, and skills. Some courses will feature AI versions of top instructors, trained to imitate real instructors, to provide personalized learning experiences.

Managing AI Challenges

LinkedIn uses advanced AI models fine-tuned on LinkedIn data to ensure accurate and relevant results. The company employs strategies to mitigate AI-generated errors, balancing quality and responsiveness.

Real-world applications of AI, like in the example of a battery manufacturer optimizing cooling unit designs, highlight the importance of data accuracy. Leaders emphasize the need to be intentional about what AI should and shouldn’t do to ensure reliable outcomes.

Lev Craig, editor for TechTarget Editorial’s Enterprise AI site, covers these AI developments and their implications for professionals and businesses.

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