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Healthee Launches New AI Tool to Help Choose Health Plans

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Healthee is happy to announce a new tool to help employees pick health plans. This tool makes the open enrollment process easier for both companies and employees.

What the Tool Does

The tool helps employees compare different health plans and choose the best one for their needs. It also provides support beyond just open enrollment. Healthee’s AI assistant, Zoe, can answer benefits questions, help find doctors, offer free telehealth services, check bills, and suggest wellness and preventive care tips. This helps reduce the workload for HR and improves employee satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Advanced Recommendations: The tool uses a smart algorithm to consider employee health needs, including mental health, and suggests the best health plans.
  • HSA Information: A new feature explains Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and how to use them.
  • Easy to Use: The tool has a new design and user-friendly interface, making it easy to compare and choose plans.

What People Are Saying

Yael Pelleg, Head of Product at Healthee, said, “We’ve improved our tool based on user feedback. It now provides clear and personalized plan suggestions. This makes benefits easy to understand and helps employees make confident decisions.”

Elle Meza, a Total Rewards Leader, said, “Healthee’s tool reduces the need for my team to answer basic questions and helps employees understand their benefits better. We expect more engagement from employees using Healthee.”

With this new tool, Healthee aims to make choosing health plans easier and improve overall employee well-being.

Source: healthcaredive