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Introducing Devin: The AI Coding Engineer Changing the Game

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A new company named Cognition AI Inc. has launched a groundbreaking tool called Devin. Devin is an artificial intelligence program that can create entire sets of code for engineering projects, including its own AI models.

Devin goes beyond existing tools like GitHub’s Copilot. Instead of just assisting human coders, Devin can independently complete entire coding jobs. In a video shared by Cognition’s CEO Scott Wu, users can see Devin in action, handling tasks from start to finish.

Introducing Devin: The AI Coding Engineer Changing the Game

When given a task, Devin searches the internet to learn how to complete it. It can even fix problems that arise during the process. Human users act as overseers and editors, intervening only if necessary.

This launch marks a significant advancement in AI-powered coding. Devin offers engineers an automated worker capable of completing full projects, rather than just offering suggestions. Currently, Devin is in a private preview stage, with limited access granted to select journalists.

Wu describes teaching AI to code as a complex problem requiring the system to make intricate decisions. Devin has access to standard developer tools and operates within a controlled environment.

Users interact with Devin through natural language prompts, and it responds by creating plans and executing tasks swiftly. Devin can write code, troubleshoot issues, and provide real-time progress reports.

Engineers can delegate tasks to Devin, freeing up time for more creative work. Despite being created by a software engineer, Devin is designed to work independently, akin to a real worker rather than a mere assistant.

As AI continues to advance, the notion of “learning to code” as a solution to job displacement seems outdated. Devin’s creators believe it can eventually replace human coders for many tasks, completing them much faster.

With recent funding of $21 million, Cognition plans to expand Devin’s capabilities and offer early access to more users. Companies interested in exploring Devin’s potential are encouraged to apply via email.

Source: Siliconangle