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Iris: India’s First AI Teacher Unveiled in Kerala School

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A groundbreaking development has taken place in the education sector in Kerala, India. A school in Thiruvananthapuram has introduced Iris, the country’s first AI teacher. Developed by Maker Labs and powered by generative AI, Iris is set to redefine the learning landscape by pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in education.

India's first AI teacher, Iris, launched in a Kerala school.

The introduction of Iris was marked with an unveiling ceremony at Kerala’s KTCT Higher Secondary School, where the robot interacted with students in a classroom setting. The inauguration was carried out by Dr. K Rajeev, Director of the Space Physics Laboratory (SPL) of VSSC.

The company behind Iris shared a video on Instagram, captioned with, “Breaking boundaries in education: Introducing IRIS, India’s first AI teacher robot based on generative AI.” The video showcases Iris in action, demonstrating its ability to adapt to each student’s unique needs and preferences, providing a truly personalized learning experience.

“With IRIS, we’ve set out to revolutionize education by harnessing the power of AI to create a truly personalized learning experience. By adapting to each student’s needs and preferences, IRIS empowers educators to deliver engaging and effective lessons like never before,” the company stated.

The AI teacher, Iris, has quickly become the ‘closest pals’ of the students at KTCT Higher Secondary School in Kerala, marking a significant step forward in leveraging technology to enhance the educational experience.

Source: Hindustantimes