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Japan’s Top Recruiter: Trust AI to Solve Worker Shortages

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The leader of Japan’s largest recruitment agency believes that artificial intelligence (AI) holds the key to addressing the country’s shortage of workers. However, he acknowledges that people must first trust in this technology for it to be truly effective.

Hisayuki Idekoba, CEO of Recruit Holdings, expressed in an interview with the Financial Times that Japan must fully embrace AI to tackle its labor challenges. He pointed out how AI tools have already proven successful in helping employers attract more job candidates.

Japan's Top Recruiter: Trust AI to Solve Worker Shortages

Despite the potential of AI, Idekoba cautioned that its adoption in developed countries might be slower due to widespread mistrust. He emphasized that it’s not just about technological advancements but also about people’s comfort level with integrating AI into their lives.

With various industries in Japan facing labor shortages due to an aging population, Recruit is betting big on AI to streamline the job matching process. Idekoba highlighted the need for innovation in job search methods, citing cases where AI could enhance job descriptions and improve candidate-company matches.

Recruit’s AI tools have shown promising results, with employers experiencing an average 16% increase in job applications and job seekers being 55% more likely to apply for AI-recommended positions. The company recently launched Indeed plus, a service utilizing AI to distribute job adverts efficiently across multiple platforms.

Despite challenges, Idekoba remains optimistic about the potential of AI in addressing Japan’s workforce issues. He believes that through continued innovation and integration of AI, companies can adapt to the changing landscape of labor shortages.

As Japan grapples with an aging population and workforce, the urgency to find solutions becomes more pressing. The country’s prime minister has warned about the implications of a shrinking labor force, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to sustain society’s functionality.

In conclusion, while AI presents a promising solution to Japan’s worker shortage, building trust in this technology is crucial for its widespread acceptance and effectiveness in addressing labor challenges.

Source: FT