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Microsoft Testing Animated AI Chatbot for Xbox Support

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Microsoft is trying out a new idea for Xbox support: an animated character chatbot. According to reports from The Verge, which cited unnamed sources familiar with the project, Microsoft is experimenting with an “embodied AI character” chatbot for Xbox. This chatbot could handle various queries, like troubleshooting gaming console problems or sorting out subscription issues. It’s even capable of processing game refunds through the Xbox support website.

The aim is to make getting help easier and quicker for players. The chatbot is part of a broader push by Microsoft Gaming to incorporate AI into their gaming platform and services. Haiyan Zhang, general manager of gaming AI at Xbox, confirmed the testing of this Xbox Support Virtual Agent, stating that it pulls information from existing Xbox Support pages to assist users more effectively.

Microsoft Testing Animated AI Chatbot for Xbox Support

Microsoft has not officially commented on this development. However, sources suggest that Microsoft is looking beyond just support tasks. They want to integrate AI into game content creation and operations, including generating art and tools within games. Additionally, there are plans to expand the use of AI, like the Copilot AI tool, for safety and moderation on Xbox, as well as assisting gamers.

This chatbot concept resembles what Microsoft offers on its Azure platform, where developers and organizations can create their own AI-powered chatbots. Microsoft recently introduced new tools to enhance Azure AI, including features to prevent hallucinations in AI models and shield against potential attacks.

In summary, Microsoft’s exploration of an animated AI chatbot for Xbox represents their ongoing efforts to leverage AI technology across various facets of gaming and support services.

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