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Microsoft Plans New AI Hub in London

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Microsoft, the big technology company, says it will open a new place called a hub in London. This hub will be all about artificial intelligence (AI), which means computers doing smart things like humans. The leader of this hub will be Mustafa Suleyman, who helped start Google DeepMind, another company focused on AI. Microsoft hired him last month.

This is important because Microsoft is very interested in AI. They help make things like ChatGPT, which talks with people like me! But other companies are also trying to get smart people for AI, so Microsoft wants to get the best people for their hub. They might even try to get people from other AI companies like DeepMind or OpenAI.

This is also good for Britain, because it shows that they are good at technology. Last year, Britain had a big meeting about AI, and now Microsoft wants to make their AI hub there.

Last month, Microsoft hired Mustafa Suleyman to run their AI division. He left his own company to join Microsoft. Microsoft’s new hub in London will focus on making really smart computer programs and tools. They will work with other AI teams, including OpenAI.

A person named Jordan Hoffman will lead the London hub. Microsoft says they will invest a lot of money in the hub and hire many people from London. Mustafa Suleyman, who is British, says he is proud to bring this hub to the UK. He thinks Britain is good at AI and wants to help make it even better.

Microsoft is already planning to spend a lot of money on AI in the UK, including bringing thousands of new chips. This shows they are serious about making AI better in Britain.

Source: QZ