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Microsoft Reveals New Smart Computers for Businesses

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Microsoft has introduced its latest smart computers designed for businesses. These new devices, called Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6, are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. They come with Intel Core Ultra processors and Neural Processing Units, which Microsoft claims will enable advanced AI applications and experiences.

These smart computers are set to be available in April and were announced during a virtual event on Thursday. Microsoft aims to make its Copilot AI tools a standard choice for businesses, competing with other tech giants like Google, Salesforce, and Amazon.

Microsoft Reveals New Smart Computers for Businesses
Microsoft’s Surface Pro 10, left and Surface Pro 6, right. (Microsoft Photos)

During the event, Microsoft highlighted how AI features are being integrated into its popular software such as Windows, Teams, and OneNote, widely used by businesses.

Among the standout features of the new Surface devices is the dedicated Copilot hardware key, announced earlier this year. Prices for these devices will start at around $1,200.

Additionally, Microsoft plans to offer its Microsoft Adaptive Accessories to businesses.

This announcement comes at a crucial time for Microsoft’s Surface business, which has seen a recent decline in revenue. Despite this, Microsoft continues to innovate in the AI space.

Panos Panay, who previously led Microsoft’s Windows & Devices business, departed last year to join Amazon. Meanwhile, Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind and former Google VP of AI, has been appointed to lead a new organization within Microsoft focused on consumer AI products and research.

Source: Geekwire