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MPs Propose Law to Ban AI Deepfakes of Music Stars

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A group of Members of Parliament (MPs) in the UK suggests a new law to safeguard musicians and celebrities from artificial intelligence-generated deepfakes. These deepfakes use AI to imitate the voices and appearances of famous singers and rappers. British artists like Jess Glynne, Mumford and Sons, Sam Smith, and Zayn Malik have raised concerns about the misuse of AI to steal their identities.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Music urges the government to regulate AI use in music. They propose a law with a “personality right” to shield creators from exploitation and false endorsements. This law should also protect musicians’ livelihoods from AI’s potential threats.

Chair of the group, Labour MP Kevin Brennan, emphasizes the need to harness AI’s benefits while mitigating its risks. He believes AI can aid innovation in music but warns against its misuse.

The report highlights Tennessee’s “Elvis Act,” which prohibits AI from mimicking artists’ voices without permission. UK MPs advocate for similar protections to preserve creators’ individuality.

While existing UK laws offer some safeguards, MPs doubt their effectiveness against deepfakes. They call for clear legislation to protect artists and tech providers.

Proposed measures include granting musicians the right to block AI use of their work, labeling AI-generated music, forming an international task force, and reforming copyright laws.

The government expresses commitment to collaborating with artists and the AI sector. They stress trust and transparency in utilizing AI for the creative industries.

Meanwhile, UK artist FKA Twigs addresses a US Senate Judiciary subcommittee, highlighting the threat of deepfakes to artists’ careers and intellectual rights. She urges industry and legislative cooperation to safeguard creative integrity and personal identity.

Source: BBC