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Nanox Adds AI Tools to Help with CT Scan Reviews

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Nanox has added 3 AI tools to its teleradiology platform that enables doctors to provide second opinions on CT scans of the chest and abdomen, so as to enhance the patient-radiologist-other specialists connection.

The tools are namely HealthCCSng, HealthOST and HealthFLD which have been approved by FDA i.e. the Food and Drug Administration.

HealthCCSng: This tool helps in detecting calcium in coronary arteries, which is an early sign for CAD (coronary artery disease).

HealthFLD: It finds fatty liver disease by measuring liver density.

HealthOST: It detects low bone mineral density and compression fractures.

Nanox CEO Erez Meltzer stated that these new ai technologies will enable health providers including radiologists work better towards ensuring positive results among patients. He also said that there are still more areas where they can apply their artificial intelligence technology at Nanox for supporting early diagnosis as well as preventive care.

Source: diagnosticimaging