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Neuralink’s First Patient: A Game-Changing Experience

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One of Elon Musk’s companies, Neuralink, has made a big step forward. They’re working on making brain-computer interfaces. These devices could help paralyzed people control electronics with their thoughts. It might even let everyone control gadgets just by thinking.

Neuralink has introduced its first human patient, Noland Arbaugh. He’s 29 years old and paralyzed from the neck down since a diving accident eight years ago. Arbaugh now has a Neuralink chip in his brain.

In a livestream video on Musk’s social network, Arbaugh showed off what he could do with the implant. He played chess on a computer and moved the cursor around without touching anything. He said it felt like using “The Force” from Star Wars, moving things with his mind.

Arbaugh was thrilled with his new ability. He stayed up all night playing a computer game he couldn’t play before. He’s amazed at how cool it is and how lucky he feels to be part of it.

Neuralink has faced criticism for its research methods, which reportedly harmed many test monkeys. But with Arbaugh’s success, it seems like the technology could really improve people’s lives.

Source: Venturebeat