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New AI Tool Predicts Patients’ Future Health Events

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Researchers have made an AI tool that can predict future events in a patient’s life, like symptoms, treatments, and medications. This tool uses a large database of public data from the UK and the US. Early results are very promising.

A study by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King’s College London shows how effective this AI tool, called Foresight, is. Foresight can predict a patient’s medical future by looking at their digital health records.

To make this work, researchers created and trained three models using data from about 811,000 patients in the UK’s public health system and a major US database. The goal is to predict patients’ health paths, including future disorders, symptoms, medications, and procedures.

Foresight was trained with all this data, and its predictions were checked against what actually happened to the patients. Most of the time, Foresight’s predictions were correct.

Tests showed that Foresight correctly predicted the next 10 disorders likely to appear in a patient’s timeline 68%, 76%, and 88% of the time for its three models. It also accurately predicted the next medical event, like the start of a disorder, a relapse, or a new medication, with correct rates of 80%, 81%, and 91%.

This research was published in The Lancet Digital Health. In the future, AI tools like this could help doctors make better decisions and monitor patients in real time.

In the US, the start-up Hippocratic AI is working with Nvidia to develop a virtual health assistant using AI. This assistant will understand and respond to patients’ emotions, appearing as an animated character on a tablet that talks to patients remotely.

Source: inquirer