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New iPhone Update Will Use AI for Key Features

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Apple is set to introduce AI features to the iPhone, such as transcription in Voice Notes. That’s what I’ve been asking for all along, so I’m thrilled.

The new iPhone software will be unveiled on Monday, June 10 at the World Wide Developers Conference and released this fall. According to Apple Insider, Apple is working on better audio summarization and transcription with AI in its next software update. These improvements will greatly enhance apps like Notes and Voice Memos.

I have always pestered Apple execs about getting a transcription feature in Voice Memos because being a journalist transcribing interviews is the worst. But students taking notes in class or people in meetings trying to catch everything that’s said feel just as strongly as I do about their need to transcribe.

That’s why I use a Google Pixel for interviews sometimes despite how much people make fun of me. The Pixel’s Recorder app is the best transcription app because it works in real-time and it does it on-device. Other apps like Otter: Transcribe Notes are good, but Recorder wins with simplicity. Samsung has offered built-in transcription through Bixby since the Galaxy S9, but that comes after the recording — while you’re still speaking into your phone — not during like Recorder does.

Recorder isn’t perfect; it often messes up names or punctuation or words entirely. But it’s still way better than manual transcription.

According to the report, Apple’s Voice Memos app will soon show a running transcript of recordings — similar to its Live Voicemail feature from years back. If everything Apple Insider says is true, iOS 18 is going to be awesome.

Source: Forbes