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Salesforce Unveils AI Tools to Simplify Doctor’s Tasks

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Salesforce revealed on Thursday its latest solutions using data and artificial intelligence designed to alleviate the burdensome administrative duties of healthcare professionals.

The primary tool, named Einstein Copilot: Health Actions, empowers doctors to schedule appointments, summarize patient information, and make referrals through AI-driven conversational prompts, as outlined in a recent release. Additionally, Salesforce introduced Assessment Generation, enabling organizations to digitize health assessments, such as surveys, without the need for manual typing or coding.

Salesforce announces new AI tools for doctors

These innovations are founded on Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform, allowing health organizations to consolidate medical data from various sources, including insurance claims systems and electronic health records, into a unified platform.

The healthcare sector faces challenges, with labor-intensive administrative tasks like paperwork filing contributing significantly to burnout among physicians, according to a recent survey by Athenahealth. Over 90% of physicians experience burnout regularly, and 64% feel overwhelmed by administrative requirements.

Salesforce’s tools address these challenges by streamlining processes. Einstein Copilot: Health Actions, for instance, enables doctors to generate comprehensive patient summaries, incorporating details like medications, clinical service requests, diagnoses, and tests. This eliminates the need for physicians to independently search for each component, saving valuable time.

The Assessment Generation tool by Salesforce is set to be available to the public this summer, while Einstein Copilot: Health Actions is expected to be accessible by the end of the year. Salesforce also assured that all features and functionalities of Einstein Copilot will comply with HIPAA regulations starting this summer. The move towards unifying healthcare data across systems presents a significant opportunity for tech giants like Google, Amazon Web Services, and Salesforce, all of which offer cloud-based customer relationship management tools.

Source: CNBC