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Snapchat Adds Watermark to AI-Generated Images

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Now, when you create images using Snapchat’s AI features like the extend tool or Dreams, you’ll notice a faint image of the Snapchat ghost logo floating above them. This move comes as Snapchat joins other big technology companies in using watermarking technology to fight against AI misinformation and deepfakes.

Once you save or share these AI-generated images outside the app, they’ll bear a transparent watermark of Snapchat’s ghost logo. And if you receive such images, you might also spot the ghost logo along with Snapchat’s “sparkle” AI icon.

Snapchat has been working to mark AI-generated content, including text conversations with its My AI chatbot, in different ways. For example, images made with Dreams come with a “context card” explaining the feature and generative AI. Meanwhile, My AI chats and the extend tool use special icons, like the sparkle symbol, for context.

Snapchat emphasized its dedication to ensuring transparency, especially when it comes to political ads. The platform subjects all political ads to rigorous human review to prevent misleading content, including deceptive images or content created using AI.

In addition to the new watermarking tool, Snapchat is also committed to educating users about AI. For now, this includes a FAQ about generative AI available on its Support Site.

“While our AI tools are designed to avoid creating incorrect, harmful, or misleading material, mistakes can still happen,” Snapchat stated. Users are encouraged to report any problematic content, and the company values this feedback.

Source: Mashable