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Pineapple Financial Simplifies Agent Onboarding with AI

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Pineapple Financial Inc. a mortgage company in Canada, has improved how it brings new agents on board. They’ve used AI and digital tools to make the process 92% better. Since the start of 2024, they’ve welcomed over 100 new agents and saved their Director of Brokerage Operations over 100 hours.

Earlier this year, Pineapple introduced Maui, an AI assistant for mortgage brokers. Maui helps them work faster and better. It can create custom websites and bios for brokers using AI.

Now, Maui can also make eSignatures and ad banners. The new eSignature is modern and works well on phones and computers. It’s easy to add to emails and other apps.

Maui can create a website, bio, and eSignature with the broker’s photo, apply now button, ad banner, social media links, and more in just seconds.

Christa Mitchell, Pineapple’s Chief Strategy Officer, says Maui is a great marketing tool for brokers. It helps them make a good impression and get more business without needing coding skills.

Pineapple uses marketing automation to guide new brokers through emails and make sure they finish everything on time.

Kendall Marin, Pineapple’s President and COO, wants to use AI to help Pineapple grow. He says AI lets them work smarter and grow faster.

Shubha Dasgupta, Pineapple’s CEO, says they care about keeping data safe and following rules. Maui helps brokers follow the rules while using AI.

Source: Prnewswire