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Sony Music Group’s Warning on AI Training with its Content

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One of the biggest record labels in the world, Sony Music Group, is warning hundreds of companies not to use its content for training artificial intelligence (AI) models without permission.

Sony Music Group, which owns popular labels like Columbia Records, RCA Records, and Epic Records, has started sending formal letters to over 700 generative AI companies and streaming platforms. These letters prohibit them from using any Sony Music Group content, such as audio recordings, musical compositions (including lyrics), cover artwork, and metadata, without explicit licensing agreements.

In the letters, Sony Music Group acknowledges the potential of AI but emphasizes the importance of respecting copyright and intellectual property rights. Unauthorized use of their content for AI training deprives them of control and appropriate compensation, the letters state.

The company requests these companies to confirm whether they have used Sony Music Group content without permission. If they have, they are asked to provide details on how the content was used in AI training.

The concerns around AI in the music industry have grown as generative AI tools become more widespread. Some AI-generated music tracks have already surfaced online, leading to copyright claims and legal actions by music labels.

The issue has prompted discussions around legislation to protect against unauthorized use of AI-generated content. Warner Music Group CEO Robert Kyncl testified before the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on intellectual property, advocating for laws to safeguard individuals’ rights to control their own likeness and voice.

Artists are also joining the conversation, urging AI developers and tech companies to pledge not to undermine or replace human creativity with AI-generated content. Over 200 artists signed an open letter calling for these protections.

Source: nbcnews