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Subaru & Dell Collaborate on AI for Safer Driving

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Subaru Corporation is partnering with Dell Technologies to boost driver safety by combining the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and high-performance storage. This collaboration reflects the significant impact of AI in revolutionizing transportation, aiming to make it safer for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Arthur Lewis, President of Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell Technologies, mentioned, “Subaru is innovating through data to enhance driver assistance, and we are enabling this journey as its AI development infrastructure.” Dell PowerScale storage, an AI-ready data platform, enables Subaru to integrate, analyze, and utilize data for impactful insights, advancing human progress and transforming industries.

Subaru and Dell Technologies Advance AI Development for Driver Assist Technology

Subaru, with over 5.5 million EyeSight-equipped vehicles, utilizes Dell PowerScale storage to advance its next-gen EyeSight Driver Assist Technology. The technology monitors traffic, optimizes cruise control, and alerts drivers if they drift from their lane. PowerScale caters to the increased IT demand for AI modeling, helping Subaru scale capacity and performance easily.

The SUBARU Lab, Subaru’s AI development base, has significantly improved AI image analysis by storing files on Dell PowerScale systems. This allows easy access to stored files, expanding the possibilities for business expansion and promoting flexible data use across locations.

Takashi Kanai, Deputy Chief of SUBARU Lab, stated, “Dell PowerScale is up to the task as the underlying infrastructure for EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, allowing us to continue advancing our AI initiatives to improve driver safety.”

EyeSight, utilizing stereo camera technology, is the world’s first system providing driver-assist features such as pre-collision braking for cars, pedestrians, and motorcycles. Studies by Subaru indicate the accident rate for EyeSight-equipped vehicles in Japan is as low as 0.06%.

Dell PowerScale, recognized as the world’s most flexible, secure, and efficient scale-out file storage system, empowers SUBARU Lab to tier data to lower-cost storage options across different cloud environments. It enables quick data retrieval for AI still image analysis through its data visualization capability.

Subaru Corporation aims to enrich lives by delivering happiness through comprehensive business activities, and Dell Technologies continues to help organizations build their digital future, transforming how they work, live, and play.

SOURCE: Dell Technologies