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YouTube Testing AI Tool to Help Creators Make Better Videos

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YouTube, like Google’s other products, is trying out new AI features to make the platform better. They’ve been experimenting with many features, and now they’re testing something new. This time, it’s a tool to help creators think of ideas for their next videos.

On a page where YouTube helps users, they talked about this new tool. It’s an AI tool that gives creators ideas for their videos. Google says it can also help creators understand their audience and make videos faster.

This tool does three main things:

  1. It figures out what kinds of videos viewers want to see more of.
  2. It suggests new and creative ideas that creators haven’t tried before.
  3. It gives outlines or points to talk about to help creators start making their videos.

If you’re a creator and want to try this tool, you might have to wait. Right now, only a few channels that make videos in English get to try it. But Google might let more people try it later.

YouTube recently tested another AI feature called the “Ask” button. This button lets viewers ask questions about the video they’re watching and get answers. But this feature is only available until May 1st.

Source: Androidauthority