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Adobe Explores Partnership with OpenAI for AI Video Tools

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Adobe is thinking about working with OpenAI and other companies to bring artificial intelligence (AI) tools into its video editing software, Premiere Pro. This software is widely used in TV and movies. Soon, Adobe wants to add AI features to help with tasks like filling in scenes with AI-generated objects or removing distractions from videos automatically.

They have already used AI in their Photoshop software for pictures. Now, they plan to bring similar AI, called Firefly, to Premiere Pro. This move aims to set Adobe apart from other AI companies by using data they own and offering protection against copyright issues.

But Adobe is also thinking about letting users use AI tools from other companies like OpenAI, Runway, and Pika Labs in Premiere Pro. This could help address concerns from investors about AI tools replacing Adobe’s main business.

OpenAI has shown a model called Sora that can make realistic videos from text, but it’s not available yet. Adobe demonstrated using Sora in Premiere Pro, but it’s still an experiment with no release date.

Deepa Subramaniam, from Adobe, says they’re still figuring out how to share revenue with outside developers for using their AI tools. They promise to tell users when they’re not using Adobe’s own AI and to show which AI made each video.

Subramaniam says, “We’re excited to explore a world where users have more AI options while keeping our ethical standards and human bias work.”

Source: Reuters