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AI Tool Quickly Classifies Brain Tumors

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The Australian National University (ANU) researchers have developed an AI tool capable of fast and accurate brain tumor classification.

DEPLOY, the AI tool, was able to accurately classify ten main types of brain tumors. It does this by analyzing minuscule images of sections of the brain.

Danh-Tai Hoang, one of the project leaders said that diagnosing brain tumors is considered best by DNA analysis but can take weeks and may not be available everywhere while AI method can give results in a few hours.

It has an accuracy rate of 95 percent. Furthermore, it outperformed initial pathologists’ results in 309 complex cases.

The tool was subjected to test using data from about four thousand patients from Europe and the US. Eventually this could be useful for pathologists or alternatively suggest a review if there are differences shown. The researchers hope it will also help identify other cancers.