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Anthropic Launches Claude AI Chatbot iOS App

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Anthropic, a company known for its advancements in artificial intelligence, revealed on Wednesday the release of an iOS app for its Claude 3 AI language models. These models, akin to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, are now easily accessible through mobile devices. Previously, users could only interact with Claude through a website, an API, or other apps that integrated Claude via API.

Similar to the ChatGPT app, the new Claude mobile app acts as a portal for engaging with the chatbot. Additionally, users can upload photos for analysis. While currently exclusive to Apple devices, Anthropic has assured that an Android version is in the works.

The Claude 3 large language model (LLM) family, introduced by Anthropic in March, includes three different model sizes: Claude Opus, Claude Sonnet, and Claude Haiku. Presently, the app utilizes Sonnet for regular users and Opus for Pro users.

Despite being a prominent figure in the AI industry for years, Anthropic’s venture into the mobile realm comes after many competitors have already established themselves in this domain. OpenAI debuted its ChatGPT app for iOS in May 2023, followed by an Android release two months later. Microsoft launched a Copilot iOS app in January, while Google Gemini is accessible through the Google app on iPhone.

The Claude app is available at no cost to all users, including those on the free version, subscribers of Claude Pro ($20 per month), and members of the newly introduced Claude Team plan. Moreover, conversation history seamlessly syncs between the web app and the mobile app upon logging in.

Regarding the Team plan, tailored for groups of at least five, it is priced at $30 per seat per month. This plan offers enhanced features such as increased chat query limits, access to all three Claude models, and a larger context window for processing lengthy documents or sustaining detailed conversations. It also includes group administrative tools and billing management, with users having the flexibility to switch between Pro and Team plans effortlessly.

Source: Arstechnica