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Google Combines AI Teams for Better Models

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Google is bringing together two of its teams that work on creating artificial intelligence (AI) models. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and Google, explained in a blog post that they’re consolidating the Google DeepMind team with the company’s Research division. DeepMind was formed last year by merging the Google Brain team with DeepMind and other AI researchers.

Pichai stated that this consolidation will speed up their progress in AI. He mentioned the success of their Gemini models and how they’re continuously improving. By uniting the teams, they aim to enhance their capacity to develop advanced, safe, and responsible AI.

The move also allows Google Research to focus on fundamental computer science research in key areas aligned with Google’s mission. Additionally, Google is relocating its Responsible AI teams to DeepMind to be closer to where the models are built and scaled. This shift emphasizes Google’s commitment to deploying accurate, trustworthy, and transparent AI products.

Pichai’s remarks follow a controversy surrounding biased responses from Google Gemini, particularly in sensitive topics. The company took steps to address this by pausing Gemini’s image generation feature after it produced historically inaccurate images. Pichai labeled these images as biased and unacceptable.

Source: Foxbusiness