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Evri Invests £1m in AI to Improve Parcel Delivery

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A new artificial intelligence (AI) strategy worth £1m is being implemented by the parcel delivery company Evri to enhance its services. Its collaboration with AI experts Robiquity on this strategy will enable them to improve customer service, plan work schedules and ensure parcels are left in safe places.

The company delivers more than 720 million parcels annually; so as to automate data collection and identify issues in customer service, it will employ AI. It can also help predict future demand and check for false claims through the use of geo-location together with photographs taken by couriers.

In addition to AI, augmented reality headsets will be used by Evri for courier training in the future.

“Our workers need backing from us, we must make working smarter a possibility for them,” said Marcus Hunter who serves as Evri’s Chief Technology Officer. He added that some tasks are boring hence there’s need for AI which takes them up thereby enabling workers concentrate on more important activities. “We are technologically driven and always looking forward.”

This move is part of an ongoing trend where companies invest heavily into Artificial Intelligence systems that promise efficiency gains across different sectors of their business operations. Recently conducted research revealed majority UK firms expressed willingness towards increasing investments made around such areas too. Results obtained after conducting fresh analysis among 100 CEOs based within Britain indicated half were focused mainly on spending towards AI compared with other strategies available.

Source: uktech