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Orby AI is Making Smart AI Agents for Businesses

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Orby AI is a company working on creating AI “agents” to help businesses. These AI agents are advanced models that can do tasks on their own, like copying information from an email and pasting it into a spreadsheet. While these AI agents are seen as tools that can boost productivity, they sometimes make mistakes. Still, many believe that these agents are the future of AI.

Bella Liu and William Lu founded Orby AI to build a platform that automates various business tasks, such as entering data, processing documents, and validating forms. Many startups and big companies already offer tools to automate business processes, but Orby’s technology is unique. It learns how workers perform their tasks in real-time and understands the data patterns within a company.

Orby’s platform watches how employees work, learns from them, and creates automations for complex tasks. The AI adapts as it learns more, freeing up workers to focus on more important tasks. Liu and Lu launched Orby out of stealth mode in 2023, aiming to build AI that understands low-level decisions made by workers and automates those tasks.

Liu, who previously worked at IBM and UiPath, and Lu, a former engineer at Nvidia and Google Cloud, bring strong expertise to Orby. Their AI model can handle tasks like validating expense reports and adapts to changes in workflows, such as updates to an app’s interface. Although this may raise privacy concerns, Liu assures that Orby does not store most customer data and encrypts the data it uses.

Orby recently raised $30 million in a Series A funding round, valuing the company at $120 million. Despite competition from big players like OpenAI, Anthropic, Amazon, and Google, Orby is confident in its approach. With around a dozen customers and plans to expand its team, Orby aims to meet the growing demand for generative AI solutions in the enterprise market.

Source: techcrunch