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Google Offers $75 Million and AI Course for Education

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Google is giving away $75 million to groups that help people learn about AI. They want to teach Americans how to use AI because it can help the economy grow. James Manyika, who works at Google, thinks AI can make a big difference if people learn how to use it.

Google is also starting an online course called Google AI Essentials. It will cost $49 and take about 10 hours to finish. After finishing, people will get a certificate. Miami Dade College, Darden Executive Education, and Lifelong Learning will offer the course to students and workers. Citigroup will also use it to teach their employees., which is Google’s group for giving to good causes, wants to help people learn skills for new jobs in technology. They give money and make programs to help people learn. This also helps tech companies look good and find new talent.

One group getting money from Google is Goodwill. Goodwill helps people find jobs and learn new skills.

Google has done this before. They made a program called Generative AI for Educators to help teachers use AI in classrooms.

Source: CNET