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Kayak’s AI: Find the Best Flight Prices with a Screenshot

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Kayak has introduced exciting new AI features that simplify travel planning. With these additions, users can now seek travel tips and locate flights effortlessly using just a screenshot. This aligns Kayak with other travel platforms providing AI services for trip organization and, notably, price comparisons.

Kayak's AI: Find the Best Flight Prices with a Screenshot

One of the new features, PriceCheck, enables users to verify if they’ve secured the best price by merely uploading a screenshot of flight details from any source, even competitors’ websites. According to Kayak, PriceCheck will scour hundreds of sites to determine if there’s a better deal. Matthias Keller, Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President of Technology at Kayak, explained that AI is employed to extract information from screenshots, such as schedules and airlines. The system then searches the internet for more budget-friendly flights based on the user’s preferences.

This technology, known as computer vision, allows Kayak’s AI to analyze images and extract relevant details, much like how Google, Microsoft, and Apple use it for facial recognition or text extraction. Kayak aims to attract new users, even those loyal to specific airlines, by offering potential cost savings through PriceCheck.

Additionally, Kayak has introduced a helpful chatbot named Ask Kayak, designed to assist users with any travel-related queries. Users can ask questions like, “What is the cheapest destination I can fly to this weekend?” or “Give me a hotel under $300 a night in New York City.” Currently available in the United States, the UK, and Canada, Ask Kayak will soon expand to other regions. This chatbot was built using ChatGPT, enhancing the user experience by providing quick and relevant responses.

As generative AI services gain popularity, Kayak is at the forefront of integrating these technologies into travel planning. Other travel websites, such as Expedia, are also exploring how AI can enhance the customer’s journey in searching for flights or accommodations. Expedia aims to leverage AI features to encourage users to initiate their travel planning directly on their platform rather than using external search engines like Google.

Source: Theverge