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New Tool Helps Universities Prepare for AI in Education

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the educational organization Educause have created a new tool to help colleges and universities get ready for using AI technology. The tool is called the Higher Education Generative AI Readiness Assessment.

It works by asking questions to find out how ready a college or university is to use generative AI tools. These questions cover three main areas: strategy and governance, capacity and expertise, and infrastructure. The tool looks at what AI skills the institution is focusing on and what rules they have for using AI.

Kim Majerus from AWS said that AI can change how teachers teach and how students learn. The assessment tool can help colleges and universities get ready to use AI in the best way possible.

Educause, AWS Launch AI Readiness Assessment Tool for Higher Ed

Kathe Pelletier from Educause explained that the tool helps institutions see what they’re good at and what they need to work on when it comes to using AI. It also shows how much progress they’ve made and how comfortable they are with AI.

The tool is launching as more and more universities in the U.S. are starting to use AI to improve teaching and make administrative tasks easier. Some universities have even made their own AI tools.

Faculty at universities are getting more confident about using AI for teaching and research. For example, some teachers are teaching students how to use AI properly in writing assignments.

The tool aims to start conversations among university leaders about how to use AI responsibly and effectively. It can help them understand what they need to do to use AI safely.

David Weil from Ithaca College said that using AI in universities requires changes in culture, staff, and technology. The new tool can help leaders plan for these changes better.

Source: Govtech