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TikTok Might Add AI Characters That Can Make Ads

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TikTok wants to put AI creators on its app. They might make ads, similar to what human influencers do on TikTok.

A report from The Information says TikTok is working on virtual influencers. These computer-made characters would help sell things on the app. They can read scripts made by advertisers or sellers on TikTok Shop. But this feature isn’t ready yet. It might still change.

Sources say TikTok tried these AI characters. But they didn’t work well. They didn’t sell as much as real influencers. Still, TikTok thinks AI creators could be good alongside human ones.

TikTok hasn’t said anything about this yet.

We don’t know how TikTok will share money between AI and human influencers. We also don’t know if this will affect human influencers’ deals. Lots of TikTok creators make money from deals with brands. TikTok had a fund for creators, but it’s gone now. Some say it didn’t pay enough.

TikTok needs to be careful with this. It needs to keep its users happy. They already fought against TikTok getting banned. TikTok has tried AI before. In January, some users saw a thing called Song Generator. It helped make songs using AI. Last year, it started labeling filters and effects made with AI. It also made people tell if they used AI filters.

Source: Theverge