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Truecaller and Microsoft Let Users Create AI Voice for Calls

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Truecaller has introduced a feature that allows users to create an AI version of their voice in order to respond to calls.

The AI Assistant, built into the Truecaller app which is known for detecting and blocking spam calls, is capable of recording the user’s voice through its partnership with Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech. This recording is then used to generate an artificial intelligence based version of the same.

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“This addition adds personality and highlights just how much AI can revolutionize digital assistants,” stated Raphael Mimoun, the product director at Truecaller. The AI assistant from Truecaller screens incoming phone calls on behalf of users and provides them with reasons why someone could be trying to reach them. From there on, it’s up to them whether they want their own self answering or leave this task for the assistant. Introduced in 2022 as an experiment globally before being launched officially across selected markets only last month, this service remains unavailable worldwide.

Previously, users were limited to using preset voices but now they are able to record their own voice so that it sounds more personal. At Build conference where Azure AI Speech was unveiled, one of its features allowed individuals to record and mimic various voices which would later be used by different systems such as those powered by virtual assistants; Microsoft claims that this specific capability should only be employed within certain scenarios like natural language processing systems.

Microsoft also mentioned that watermarks are added onto all artificially generated speech outputs while stating that developers must seek consent from any person whose voice is recorded during such instances lest impersonation occurs

Source: theverge