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New AI Tool Helps Pilots Navigate Flight Manuals Easily

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A new tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) has been introduced by Web Manuals to assist pilots in navigating their flight manuals more efficiently. This tool, named Amelia AI, allows flight crewmembers to ask questions directly through the platform and receive detailed answers from their manuals. This quick access to information can aid pilots in making well-informed decisions during flights, potentially preventing diversions and delays.

Amelia AI utilizes natural language processing to swiftly interpret complex information from the manuals, especially regarding aircraft faults, thus supporting the crew in assessing the airworthiness of the aircraft. Pilots can continuously query the platform for further details and clarifications after receiving initial responses.

For example, Amelia AI can help pilots understand if there are any relevant safety notices or bulletins related to specific flight procedures they are engaged in. Responses from the system are summarized and include references to the relevant sections of the manuals.

To ensure security, the tool only searches within the user’s available documentation, without accessing any external public data. All responses are meticulously referenced to parts of the manuals, enabling users to verify the search results.

Web Manuals, headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, intends to introduce additional AI-based features for its services. The Amelia AI system will be launched as part of the Web Manuals Core 2024.3 update, with more features expected to be announced later in the year.

Richard Sandström, the company’s chief technology officer, emphasized the value of Amelia AI in simplifying information retrieval processes and enhancing user satisfaction. He also highlighted the company’s dedication to leveraging AI for digital documentation management, citing their recent acquisition of ManualAI, a Swedish company specializing in this field.

Source: Ainonline