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Samsung Medison Buys French Ultrasound AI Startup for $92M

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Seoul-based company Samsung Medison has agreed to buy Sonio, a French ultrasound AI startup, for $92 million. Sonio, which focuses on helping doctors with ultrasound exams for pregnancy and gynaecology, got approval from the U.S. FDA last year for its AI software, Sonio Detect.

This purchase matters because it brings together top-notch ultrasound AI technology, potentially changing how prenatal ultrasound exams are done. Samsung Medison joins other companies using AI in ultrasound, like Exo and GE HealthCare.

After the deal, Sonio will still be its own company in France. They’ll work closely with Samsung Medison but will continue to improve their technology for medical use worldwide.

The deal isn’t final yet, as it needs approval from the French government.

Sonio started working with Samsung in 2021 to test its AI for pregnancy monitoring. It also partnered with LifeCell in India and raised $14 million last year to expand its AI into the U.S. market and develop it for portable ultrasound devices.

Source: mobihealthnews