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WhatsApp’s New AI Image Editing Tools in the Works

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WhatsApp might soon introduce new image editing features powered by artificial intelligence (AI), as hinted by the latest beta version.

As reported by AssembleDebug, who delved into the recent WhatsApp beta release for Android (v2.24.7.13), these AI-driven editing tools aim to enhance your images. For instance, users can add text-to-image backdrops, apply stylistic tweaks, and even expand the background.

According to the information provided, these new options—Backdrop, Restyle, and Expand—will be accessible when posting a status update or sending images via WhatsApp. They will be located within the image editor window.

WhatsApp's New AI Image Editing Tools in the Works
(Image credit: AssembleDebug / TheSpAndroid)

While Meta (WhatsApp’s parent company) had previously announced AI backdrop and image restyling tools for Instagram and Facebook, this marks the first indication of similar features for WhatsApp.

The AI image editing tools will be available under the sparkle icon within the editing menu, alongside existing features like rotation, cropping, stickers, and text overlays.

Backdrop enables users to change the background by inputting a text prompt, while Restyle applies various effects to the entire image. Expand allows for enlarging images.

Although similar AI features exist in tools like Adobe Photoshop, their integration into WhatsApp suggests a broader accessibility.

Although AssembleDebug couldn’t confirm the full functionality of these features, their development indicates ongoing efforts to enhance WhatsApp’s capabilities.

WhatsApp frequently introduces new features to engage users, and these AI-powered tools may serve to keep the platform dynamic and attract new users.

While concerns about AI manipulation exist, the convenience of effortlessly improving images for sharing appears beneficial. This advancement could result in WhatsApp messages featuring visually appealing images without extensive user effort.

Source: Androidcentral